Capacitación Docente

Diplomado TEFL

Teaching English as
a Foreign Language

Nuestro diplomado TEFL está diseñado para certificarte como docente a otro nivel. Este programa lo puedes tomar si tienes poca o ninguna experiencia enseñando inglés o si tienes experiencia enseñándolo, pero careces de antecedentes académicos y credenciales necesarios para seguir avanzando profesionalmente.

Course Description:



The 120-hour Certificate in TEFL offered by the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano aims to provide the highest standard in the teaching of the English language. It is designed for those who have little or no experience teaching English as a Foreign Language, or for those who are experienced, but lack the academic background and credentials necessary to advance. The certificate aims to equip students with a strong foundation of language rules, language learning theories, teaching techniques, and materials development with strong emphasis on communicative methodologies.


The assestment of participant progress in this course will be based on group work and individual work that includes lesson planning and materials development among other activities. In addition, many readings and reflections will be assigned. Observations and completion of a research project will reflect a large percentage of the grade. If you have successfully completed all of the required assignments, have attended at least 85% of the classes, and have actively and thoughtfully participated in the program, you will exit with a certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano.

Entry requirements.

The Diploma course TEFL has the following entry requirements :

  • Minimum age 18 on entry to the course.
  • Present an exam certificate showing at least a C1 level of english. In case the candidates do not have a certificate, they have to take an exam at the Colombo Americano. Price: $45.000.
  • The willingness to actively participate in the course and work cooperatively with group members.
  • Dedication to the demanding schedule of classes and practical training required for the course.

* We will accept applicants who score lower on the English language proficiency test with the condition that they successfully complete intensive English training before re-sitting the exam. For more information contact with:

Valentina Ochoa, Academic Assistant
Tel. 687 5800 Ext. 161

Information about the course


Material de Estudio Ciclo Horas Nivel MCER

Dates for the admission test:

  • Friday 26 July 2019 2:00p.m.
  • Friday 16 August 2019
  • Price: $45,000
  • North branch

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